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Description :

This product contains organic (bioavailable) calcium – boron-zinc chelated with gluconic acid – amino acid bond. These bioavailable elements together reduce the production of ethylene and possible internal damage to the storage fabrics. Bio-available ARYAPRO CaBZn avoids the premature fall of flowers and fruits and gives greater resistance to the plant in adverse phytopathogenic conditions, achieving productions of high commercial value and greater post-harvest life. It increases fruit boll, pod or bud set. It prevents fruit – rot and cracking.It increases the storage time of the fruits. It corrects calcium, boron and zinc deficiencies in the crop.

Application :

Apply at 5 ml per lit of water through foliar spray/soil drenching/drip irrigation, 3 times during vegetative growth stage and reproductive stage.

Method of application:
Soil application : ARYAPRO CaBZn can be applied before or at planting as banding or broadcast. The application rate is 1 liter to 4 liter per acre (2.5 to 10 liters/ hectare) depending on soil conditions and application methods. For maintenance, 1 liter per acre (2.5 liters/ hectare) is recommended. Dilute with enough water to cover the entire acre.
Foliar application:
FIELD CROPS: Apply 2-3 litre/ acre (5-7.5 litres/ hectare), when crops are about 6-12 inches high or when deficiency symptoms appear. Repeat the application in 2-4 weeks if necessary.
VEGETABLE CROPS: Apply 2-3 liters/ acre( 5-7.5 liters/hectare) at about 2-4 weeks after emergence, or when deficiency symptoms appear. Repeat the application in 1-3 weeks if necessary.
FRUIT TREES AND GRAPES: Apply 2-3 liter/ acre (5-7.5 liter/ hectare) in early spring, when new leaves are emerged or when deficiency symptoms appear. Repeat the application in about 4 weeks if necessary.