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Description :

It is a biotechnologically derived product in chelated form and it is bio-available to crops under various environmental conditions.By this technology, insoluble minerals are transformed into highly water soluble micro particles. The ability of a mineral to be utilized by the plant is primarily a matter of size. These micro particles are absorbed at lower dosages (bio-available) by the plant cells very effectively. The concentration of minerals in ARYAPRO is much higher than other available chelates. This is nano technology at its best!

This product contains organic carbon, organic Potassium – Boron duo chelated with gluconic  acid – amino acid bond . This  bond facilitates the protection /encapsulation of nutrients till the time it is released to the crops.

It is a perfect combination for sizing or finishing off for  crops.In horticulture, potassium increases sugar production,while boron plays a critical role in sugar transport to fruit.Bio-available ARYAPRO KB lifts sugar/TSS/baume levels in sugar containing crops.It increases specific gravity of potato tubers.It improves boll yield and fibre quality in cotton crops.

Applications :

  • Apply at 5 ml per lit of water through foliar spray/soil drenching/drip irrigation, 3 times during vegetative growth stage, reproductive stage and when deficiency symptoms  appear.

    1st Application at 7 days after transplantation/ early vegetative phase

    2nd Application during flowering stages

    3rd  Application during panicle initiation or fruit formation stage.