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Description :

It contains amino nitrogen along with bioavailable phosphorous and bioavailable potassium, derived from chelation of minerals with gluconic acid – amino acid. Due to its organic nature ARYAPRO-NPK enters readily in to the plant parts , also improves and increases the soil nitrogen fixing flora. This is a natural (organic) formulation of nutrients to supplement/ substitute traditional NPK fertilizers, for all crops. It prevents and corrects nutrient deficiency in all crops. It increases flowering, pod formation & yield. ARYAPRO -NPK is non toxic,eco friendly & bio-degradable.

Application :

  • ARYAPRO NPK is available in water soluble liquid form. It is recommended to spray/soil drench/drip irrigate,application at 3-5 ml per lit. of water at vegetative phase, flowering and fruit setting stages.
  • Use 1-1.5 lit per acre (4000sqmt.) of land in case of drip or fertigation applications. Dosage may be changed according to crop requirements