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Description :

AVISHI NEEMAX (Neem oil, Azadirachtin 2500- 3000 ppm):- It is  manufactured by cold pressed technology to retain active ingredients of Neem. It contains 2500-3000 ppm azadirachtin plus other ingredients  of neem. It makes an excellent anti-feedant & repellant when sprayed on plant foliage. It has an extremely bitter flavor to it, which can make many insects stop feeding on the host plant. Neem has many modes of action with the primary role of disrupting an insect’s metamorphosis. It is most effective on younger stages of an insect development.  Best control is achieved when insect populations are light to moderate. Neem can also resist nematodes, mites, white flies, aphids & other types of soft bodied insects on contact.

One very encouraging aspect of neem as an organic type pesticide is that insects have shown no resistane or immunity to it as long as it has been in use. It is significant to note that some of the pests are resistant to pesticides, or are inherently difficult to control with conventional pesticides (floral thrips, diamond back moth and several leaf miners). It works by intervening at several stages of the life of an insect. It does not kill the pests instantaneously but incapacitates it in several other ways.  It is important to understand that the action of neem as pest control agent can be at different levels & ways. This is very important since the farmer is used to the knock-out effect of chemical pesticides.