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Description :

SHRUNGI BIOBOOST (powder & liquid) – Organic plant growth stimulant & soil conditioner- Liquid product contains NPK, micronutrients, amino acids and organic matter. Powder product contains NPK, micronutrients, amino acids, organic matter and silica. Anti-stress action of this product benefits plants in various stages of life cycle. After application in the soil SHRUNGI BIOBOOST starts releasing nutrients to the plant thereby stimulating healthy plant growth. It induces natural hormone function, develops antibodies against weeds & diseases, resulting in substantial saving in fertilizer, pesticide application.

This product improves soil structure and water holding capacity. Natural polymers swell when wet and retain moisture tenaciously, in the process they help the soil to form crumb structure, resulting in conversion of salty, infertile soil to fertile soil. Root growth is increased, hence uptake of nutrients in the form of cytokinins, proteins is facilitated, resulting in plant growth stimulation. After spraying, natural  enzymes result in enhanced photosynthesis due to which the chlorophyll level in the plants increases & hence better quality crops are obtained. It has the capacity to support & rejuvenate plants during stress period. It increases flowering, stimulates root development, increases yield & improves fruit to flower ratio.

One of the ingredients of SHRUNGI BIOBOOST (powder) is silica.  Silica plays a significant role in the resistance of plants to multiple stresses including biotic and abiotic stresses. Silica helps plants build structural defenses against insect damage and other forms of physical damage. Plants with threats around them fare better with some silica in the soil to help them build protection. The silica helps plants build tougher structures, such as rough leaves with strong cell walls. It has a great water holding capacity.

This product was tested and tried by Mahatma Phule Agriculture University, Rahuri (reputed agricultural university of India) on cotton crop. More than 25% increase in the yield of crop was reported after the application of SHRUNGI BIOBOOST.

Application :

Powder  : Apply SHRUNGI BIOBOOST near the root zone and cover it by soil. Dosage : 25 to 75 kgs per hectare (according to crop size & type ) Keep land irrigated.

Method of Application- Liquid : Add 3ml to 5ml SHRUNGI BIOBOOST in 1lit. water and spray on the plant/ Apply through drip irrigation / drenching.

Compatibility : It can be mixed with fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides.

Expiry: 3 years after manufacturing date.