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Description :

SHRUNGI NEEMY: (powder & liquid) – Organic plant growth stimulant, soil conditioner & protectant. Liquid  product contains NPK, micronutrients, amino acids, organic matter along with neem kernel extract. Powder product contains NPK, micronutrients, amino acids,  organic matter, silica along with neem kernel extract. In addition to plant growth promotion, soil conditioning, it has pesticidal ingredients of neem, such as azadirachtin, nimbin & nimbidin. So it helps in protecting the plants & soil against wide range of pests, insects, nematodes. Azadirachtin, the insecticidal principle of neem , isolated from the seeds of the tree, is potent insect growth regulator effective on the larval & nymphal stages in the insect’s life cycle. Being an endocrine disrupter, should be applied soon after egg hatching since the early instar & nymphal stages are most susceptible. It is antifeedant, hence on ingestion, larvae stop feeding thereby containing crop damage. Repels adults thus restricting egg laying. It also controls helicoverpa, spodoptera, erias, plutella, bemesia, helopeltis, spider mites, thrips, aphids, weevils, root as well as foliar nematodes, grubs, stem borers, powdery mildew, etc.

It is available in powder & liquid form.

Application :

Dosage : a) Powder : 25 to 75 kgs per hectare (at the root zone, according to crop size & type ) Keep land irrigated.

  1. b) Liquid : Add 3ml to 5ml SHRUNGI NEEMY in 1lit. water and spray on the plant/ Apply through drip irrigation / drenching.

Compatibility : It can be mixed with fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides.

Expiry: 3 years after manufacturing date