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ARYAPRO brand products are new generation biotechnology based hi-tech organic farm inputs. These inputs are produced by aerobic fermentation process of carbohydrates /glucose in presence of ecofriendly micro organism, under strictly defined physico-chemical conditions. The carbohydrates/glucose compound forms a bond with mineral to form organic chelated mineral which facilitatesthe protection of nutrient till the time it is delivered to the plants.

These are organic salts in chelated form capable of supplying primary plant nutrients and micro-nutrients in absorbable condition by plants at lower dosages.These chelates make bond with nutrients and do not fix in the soil. ARYAPRO brand bio available nutrients are unique from other mineral supplements because they utilize a new scientific technology developed by us.By this technology,insoluble minerals(metals)are transformed into highly water soluble micro particles.The ability of a mineral to be utilized by the plants is primarily a matter of size. These micro particles are not only absorbed,but also are assimilated(bio-available) by plant cells very effectively.These are 100% water soluble, stable over wide pH range, bio-degradable, compatible with most agro-chemicals or are viable alternatives to chemical fertilizers.

ARYAPRO brand plant nutrients can be applied through foliar spray, soil drenching and drip irrigation. After successful introduction of our initial SHRUNGI brand product range,we commenced in-house R&D research activities.Now we have developed many more additional products by green technologies for the production of natural mineral based organic plant nutrients .These bio-available minerals were developed after R&D research work in our laboratory and successfully generated bioefficacy trials in our own ECOCERT certified farm. These products are authorized inputs for organic farming,attested by Vedic Organic Certification Agency as per NPOP regulations.



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