organic plant stimulant - bio product
Balada Granule
800 to 2000 INR/Kilograms

Product Details : 

  • Grade : Chemical
  • Color : White color
  • Place of Origin : India
  • State : Liquid
  • Supply Ability : 150000 Kilograms Per Day
  • Desciption
  • Additional Info

Plant growth promoter

This is a biotechnology research product developed by us. It is manufactured by innovative fermentation process.

Specific variety of seaweed extract & other biological inputs undergo fermentation process, resulting in a biotechnology innovation called, BALADA!

The GRANULES system further enhances the delivery of BALADA contents along with carrier medium which is silica.

Silica medium further increases water-retention, thus saves water and ensures slow and targeted supply of contents to plant roots.

It contains minerals, phytochemicals enzymes, proteins & silica derived from natural ingredients. 


Benefits :

Enhances soil texture and promotes growth of PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) and other beneficial microbes

Enhances quality parameters such as color, luster in flowering plants, fruit-seeding and carbohydrate content

Facilitates nutrient uptake from the soil by accelerating root growth and speeds up translocation of plants.

Enhances water-retention near root-zone

It ensures slow and sustained release of nutrients into the soil

Dosage and method of use : (For detail application schedule, please go through dosage tables)

For garden: Apply 15 gm/ tablespoon-full of granules near root-zone and water the plant

For agriculture  25 to 75 kg per hectare.

Use at vegetative and reproductive growth stages

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