800 to 2000 INR/Kilograms

Product Details : 

  • Grade : Organic
  • Place of Origin : India
  • State : Liquid
  • Supply Ability : 150000 Kilograms Per Day
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To overcome nitrogen toxicity in plants

Nitrogen is a key player in producing chlorophyll. However, saturating soil with high nitrogen levels does not improve plant growth. Plants cannot absorb all the excess nitrogen in soil. Extra nitrogen levels slowly leach out of soil in the form of nitrates. As a result, ground water gets contaminated. Additionally, stressed roots invite disease through soil pathogens as well.

Crops cultivated in soil with excessive nitrogen, may look lush & green. But their ability to fruit & flower will be greatly reduced. When the plants receive too much nitrogen, they become more attractive to insects & diseases. It can also cause excessive vegetative growth & reduce the strength of stems. This is known as nitrogen toxicity.

Due to this toxicity, plants may look healthy but actually they are weak at maturity or in reproduction. To overcome the stress due to excessive nitrogen application, we have developed  a proprietary innovation product – ENGIMIN DETOX.


It provides bioavailable nutrients for reproductive growth in plants.

Bioavailability is generally defined as the degree to which nutrient in the product is absorbed in a form that can be metabolized by the host.

Also, it strengthens plant roots, when applied in root zone.

Method of application :

Dilute 3-5 ml DETOX in 1 litre water. Apply through spray/ drip irrigation/drenching.


Use when crops show nitrogen toxicity symptoms like dark green leaves, thin stems, burning of leaf tips causing them to turn brown.

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