Engimins FAQ
1 . What are ENGIMINS?

ENGIMINS are a set of our flagship products designed to provide nutrients in a bio- available form to crops and livestock with complete utilization by the target organisms. The name ENGIMINS® is derived from two words ‘Engineered’ and ‘Minerals’, and it is used collectively to mean that the ‘mineral’ nutrients are combined together in a bio-available form to provide a synergistic effect on the target crop. ENGIMINS® products are manufactured carefully using a unique fungal fermentation process followed by formulation of several combinations of single nutrient ENGIMINS®. Products under ENGIMINS® series are combinations of several macro and micro nutrients facilitating different processes in the crop and yielding various positive results (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn, B, Zn, Cu and Fe).  

2 . Why must we use ENGIMINS?

ENGIMINS is a novel and certified organic product range with a high benefit-to-cost ratio, developed after meticulous research by our small but dedicated team. It helps the crop by correcting nutrient deficiencies if any and providing nutrition in a usable and bio-available form. The products are formulated in such a way that they support each stage of crop life cycle starting from germination and establishment to post-harvest care. Additionally ENGIMINS® products are easy to use and come in wide variety of packaging options.

3 . What is the mode of action of ENGIMINS?

ENGIMINS are based on Organic Chelation Technology, where nutrients are encapsulated or chelated by organic acids which act as excellent chelating/ sequestering agents and deliver the nutrient to the crop in a fully utilizable and bio-available form. When applied to the foliage or roots, they can be taken up to be transported to both vegetative and reproductive parts for enhanced vegetative growth and accelerated fruit development, maturity and senescence. The action and benefits are further elaborated in the answer to question 5.

4 . How do ENGIMINS differ from other farm inputs?

Nutrients in the form of sulphates, carbonates and chlorides increase the salt index of the soil and water and are capable of harming the soil micro-flora after prolonged application and deposition. Similarly, nutrient formulations based on chelating agents like EDTA and EDDHA release unutilized chelates into the soil which biodegrade very gradually and are capable of mobilizing heavy metals present in the soil which might get absorbed by the crop unnecessarily endangering the consumer of the crop or crop products. On the contrary, natural-origin chelating agents in the ENGIMINS® products are completely utilized in the crop and leave no residue in the soil. Moreover if and when they are applied to soil, they regulate the soil pH in alkaline and calcareous soils and aid the growth of friendly microbes.

5 . What are the attributes imparted or benefits of ENGIMINS to the crops?
The following table describes products in ENGIMINS range and their benefits on different crops:
Product Name Benefits/ Action
ENGIMINS NANOWISE Provides initial nourishment for germination and establishment, provides nutrition in alkaline and calcareous soils
ENGIMINS ARYAROOT Strengthens roots, facilitates nutrient absorption, aids in initial establishment of the crop
ENGIMINS AGAIN Enhances sugar content in sugarcane, sugar beet, enhances fiber in cotton, jute and hemp, enhances oil in oilseeds, results in higher yield
ENGIMINS AFIRM For structural stability in crops, strengthens and increases stress tolerance in crops
ENGIMINS AFRESHH For increase in post-harvest life and shelf life of crops, proven to increase shelf life of onion by at least 15% at NHRDF, Nasik
ENGIMINS MINTY Tea of minerals for good blossom, color, luster and size, best for horticultural  crops
ENGIMINS MIXMIN Source of micro nutrients for enhanced vegetative and reproductive growth
ENGIMINS NUTRA Complete bio-available nutrition for all crops, proven to increase yield by more than 20% at MPKV, Rahuri
ENGIMINS SHIELD Three-way action: Bio-stimulant, anti-fungal and maturity-aiding
ENGIMINS AHAY Complete nutrition for fodder crops, facilitates early harvest, increases yield
ENGIMINS TURFY Complete bio-available nutrition for turfs, lawns and grasses
ENGIMINS ABHI Starter nutrition and corrects soil deficiencies, specially designed for Indian crop and soil conditions
In addition to these above formulations, ENGIMINS® Ca, B, Mg, K, Mn, Zn, Fe, Cu and ZnB too are available to fulfill respective nutrient requirement in a bio-available form.
6 . Specify ENGIMINS products to be applied to different types of crops.

Specify ENGIMINS products to be applied to different types of crops.


Crops to be applied on


Lucerne/Alfalfa, fodder sorghum and maize, clusterbean, cowpea


Lawn and turf grasses like tall and fine fescue, centipede grass, Kentucky bluegrass, Bermudagrass, Ryegrass, red fescue, St. Augustine grass, Cynodon/ Doab, Napier grass and ornamental shrub species


All horticultural and plantation crops, cereals, paddy, vegetable crops


Sugarcane, legumes, cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, lettuce, tomato, gourds, squash, pumpkin


Date palms, oil palms, coconut palms, grasses, cereals, sugarcane, cotton, olive


Olive, sunflower, sesame, groundnut, mustard, rapeseed, soybean, safflower, geranium, cotton, jute, hemp, flax, sugarcane, sugar beet, maize, sorghum, millet, wheat, cassava, potato


Palms, citruses, apple, custard-apple, sapodilla, mango, banana, horticultural crops


Floriculture crops: rose, gerbera, carnation, tulip, calendula, geranium, Horticultural crops like avocado, pomegranate, banana, apple, grapevines, fig, pineapple, watermelon, mango, orange, strawberry, mulberry,  rhizomes like onion, garlic and ginger, plantation crops like tea and coffee


All horticultural and vegetable crops


All plantation crops


Grapevines, rhizomes, sugarcane, crops susceptible to powdery mildew and root-rot, horticultural crops


Sugarcane, cereals, cotton, soybean

7.How much and how frequently must be ENGIMINS products applied?

An illustrative product application manual is provided on the website which describes the quantity and schedule of application (). Additionally, a tabular application schedule for different crops using the products is linked here (). A general rule of thumb to be remembered is, apply 3 to 5 ml of every product after diluting into 1 liter of water. An acre of plantation would require 250 to 1000 liters of water for fertigation or foliar spray (depending on the crop and spacing), thus, 0.75 to 3 liters of each product would be required for a one time application in an acre.

8.What standards do ENGIMINS comply with?

ENGIMINS products are certified organic under the Indian NPOP (), European Union () and American NOP regulations () and the certification body is ECOCERT SA. Additionally, 5 ENGIMINS products are attested under the Dutch Input List and 9 are in compliance with the Moroccan Food Authority ONSSA.

9.What is the type and size of packaging of ENGIMINS products?

ENGIMINS products are liquid in form and are available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5 Liters, 30 Liters and 100 Liters. The packages smaller than 5 Liters are all HDPE bottles and equal to or more than 5 Liters are HDPE or PP canisters.

10.Where can I buy ENGIMINS?

You can submit an enquiry form on our website () or place an enquiry via our IndiaMart or TradeIndia catalogs ().

11.Which other products can be used with ENGIMINS?

ENGIMINS products are compatible with all other crop nutrition products from Arya Biotechnologies and can be used with conventional or chemical inputs. Do not use ENGIMINS® products with pesticides and fungicides.