Engimins NPK Plant Nutrients
800 to 2000 INR/Kilograms

Product Details : 

  • Grade : Chemical
  • Color : Multi color
  • Place of Origin : India
  • State : Liquid
  • Supply Ability : 150000 Kilograms Per Day
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Bio-available NPK

This ENGIMIN contains an organic complexing agent, which forms a bond with inorganic minerals to transform them into bio-available minerals. This bond facilitates the protection/ encapsulation of minerals till the time they are released to the crops.

Bioavailability is generally defined as the degree to which nutrient in the product is absorbed in a form that can be metabolized by the host.

Benefits : It is a biotechnologically derived plant nutrient.

  • It contains organic carbon, amino nitrogen along with bio-available phosphorous and bio-available potassium.
  • It supplements / substitutes traditional N P K fertilizers.
  • Due to its organic nature NPK enters readily in to the plant parts, also improves and increases the soil nitrogen fixing It increases flowering, pod formation & yield.
  • NPK is non toxic, eco friendly & bio-degradable.
  • NPK in a bio-available form for Fruiting crops like Tomato, Cucumber, Gourds, Pomegranate, Sapota, lums Chilly, Capsicum, Citrus
  • Speeds up vegetative growth in large grasses like Sugarcane and Bamboo, Best when used with BIOBOOST
  • Can be also used as a foliar spray on bush crops like Tea
  • Supplies all necessary MACRO NUTRIENTS for ESTABLISHMENT
  • Contains NPK in a BIO-AVAILABLE form along with organic carbon
Price & Quantity :
PriceMinium Order Quantity
800 to 2000 INR/Kilograms100 Kilograms
Product Specifications :
Product NameStatePlace of OriginGradeColor
Engimins NPK Plant NutrientsLiquidIndiaChemicalMulti color available
Trade Information :
Supply AbilityPackaging DetailsDelivery TimeMain Domestic Market
150000 Kilograms Per Day1 Ltr bottles, 25 ltr canisters, 200 ltr barrels, 10 kg bags, Bulk 7-45 DaysAll India


Number of sprays         




4  sprays

1st at flowering,  second at fruit setting,third at fruit growing stage,

4th at 3 weeks before harvesting.Repeat at petal fall.

Use higher application on Bitterpit  sensitive crops.       

Grapes (Table & Wine

3 sprays

1st spray at pea size and other two sprays before ripening.

Olive tree  

  3 sprays 

First spray during flower bud formation,

second at fruit development stage,

third at the beginning of fruit colour change

Soy Beans,  Beans,                                    Groundnuts Maize, Wheat, Oats, Barley, field crops                            


  2 sprays 

1st spray at vegetative growth phase.

2nd spray at reproductive growth phase.

Onion, Potato, Garlic

  3 sprays 

First spray starting at tuber initiation, Repeat the sprays at  10 to 15 days intervals.


  3 sprays 

First spray at emergence of 1 st square formation,

 2 nd spray at flowering stage, 3 rd spray 30 days  after 2 nd spray.

Sugar Cane

  2 sprays 

First at 30 days after planting. second at 60/90 days planting.

Cruciferae, Vegetables, Cucurbits

2 sprays 

First spray at 15 days after transplantation, Repeat  at 15 days intervals.




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