znb zinc and boron product for plant growth
Engimins ZnB
800 to 2000 INR/Kilograms

Product Details : 

  • Grade : Organic
  • Product Name : Engimins Zn Plant Nutrients and Fertilizers
  • State : Liquid
  • Place of Origin : India
  • Supply Ability : 150000 Kilograms Per Day
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Bio-available Zinc & Boron (Organic plant nutrient)

It is a biotechnologically derived product in organic complexed form and it is bio-available to crops under various environmental conditions. The product is based on natural complexing agents unlike synthetic agents available widely in market, which lodge themselves in the soil and are not biodegradable and not completely absorbed by the crops. ENGIMINS ZnB contains Zinc and Boron complexed with multiple organic acids. Zinc and Boron bond with multiple organic acids to form organic-complexed nutrient. This bond facilitates the encapsulation of nutrients till the time it is released to the crops and ensures complete bioavailability even in less concentration of nutrients.

Bioavailability is generally defined as the degree to which nutrient in the product is absorbed in a form that can be metabolized by the host.

Zinc and Boron both are immobile nutrients in plants and a timely foliar application is required for vegetative and reproductive growth. Zinc is an important component of many enzymes and is involved in synthesis of proteins, auxins and conversion of starch to simple sugars for easy utilization by developing shoots. While, Boron strengthens cell walls and provides structural stability in long duration horticultural crops.

Bioavailable Zinc and Boron act together to boost growth in vegetative stages and facilitate blossom and fruiting.

ENGIMINS ZnB is applied as a foliar feed for the correction of extreme zinc and boron deficiencies on citrus and other tree crops.

It is essential for pre-flowering and post harvest application to enhance fruit set and yields. Bioavailable ZnB is quickly up taken by leaf tissues. It plays critical role in reproduction and flower development. It  promotes even fruit set in grapes and enhance bud health and setting in almond, pomegranate, stone fruit crop. It enhances quality of brassica and lettuce crops and improves  general  fruit quality and finish.

Bioavailable Boron and Zinc are quickly up taken by leaf tissues.

Additionally, zinc and boron have positive impact on development of plants (esp. flowering, pollination and fruit setting), what finally means better and bigger yield.            

General method of application:

Apply at 3 ml to 5 ml per lit of water through foliar spray/soil drenching/drip  irrigation, 3 times during vegetative growth stage and reproductive stage or during spring flush, followed up with a application during the summer if extreme deficiencies persist.

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