Shrungi Bioboost Liquid Plant Growth Stimulant
800 to 2000 INR/Kilograms

Product Details : 

  • Grade : Chemical
  • Color : Multi color Available
  • Place of Origin : India
  • State : Liquid
  • Supply Ability : 150000 Kilograms Per Day
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Shrungi Bioboost Liquid Plant Growth Stimulant promotes cell division and improves the overall growth of plants. It  is processed by our highly skilled professionals using optimum quality chemical compound like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus with latest tools and technology. Due to its top-notch formulation and efficacy, we are experiencing a huge demand for the Shrungi Bioboost Liquid Plant Growth Stimulant in the marketplace.

Benefits :
It induces natural hormone function, develops immunity against weeds and diseases, resulting in saving pesticide application.
It stimulates flowering, root development, increases yield & improves fruit to flower ratio. After spraying the liquid, natural enzymes result in enhanced photosynthesis. One of the ingredients of Bioboost (powder) is silica. After application in the soil it releases nutrients to plant roots. It has a great water holding capacity and improves soil structure. Natural polymers  help the soil to form crumb structure, resulting in conversion of salty, infertile soil to fertile soil. Due to its extremely porous structure & large surface area, it does not agglomerate, so air permeates the root zone. Root growth is increased, hence uptake of cytokinins, proteins is facilitated.

It ensures a constant temperature at the root level of plants due to its thermal conditioning property. The sharp edges of powder puncture insect's exoskeleton causing death from dehydration & choking.

Price & Quantity :
PriceMinium Order Quantity
800 to 2000 INR/Kilograms50 Kilograms
Product Specifications :
Product NameColorPlace of OriginGrade
Shrungi Bioboost Liquid Plant Growth StimulantMulti color availableIndiaChemical
Trade Information :
Supply AbilityPackaging DetailsDelivery TimeMain Domestic Market
150000 Kilograms Per Day1 Ltr bottles, 25 ltr canisters, 200 ltr barrels, 10 kg bags, Bulk 7-45 DaysAll India
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