Technology, R&D – ARYA BIOTECHNOLOGIES Hell Yeah Pointer 4

We believe that we are the children of mother earth and it is our responsibility to safeguard her sanctity.
This belief inspire us to develop bioavailable, non phyto-toxic, non- poisonous , bio degradable , eco friendly, safe to use farm inputs
Our recent technological innovations are result of dedicated efforts of passionate team supported by state-of-art Research & Development infrastructure.

We are amongst the few companies in the world having in- house technology of producing Bio-available organic chelated nutrients for plants and animals.

1.Eco friendly input- Eco-friendly output:- We use aerobic fermentation process in presence of eco-friendly micro organism to produce organic acid. It is used extensively as sequestering agent for metal ions in alkaline system. The outstanding property of organic acid is excellent chelating power, especially in alkaline and concentrated alkaline solutions.

2.Longer shelf life –Plant/Animal friendly input.:- Organic acid forms a bond with inorganic mineral to form organic chelated mineral. This bond facilitates the protection of nutrient till the time it is delivered to the host.

3.Optimum utilization through nano technology :- Our products are organic salts in chelated form capable of supplying nutrients in absorbable condition to the host in lower dosages. The concentration of minerals in organic acid (and its salts) is much higher than other available chelates.
These bio available nutrients are unique from other mineral supplements because they utilize a new scientific technology developed by us.
By this technology, insoluble minerals (metals) are transformed into highly water soluble micro particles. The ability of a mineral to be utilized by the host is primarily a matter of size. These micro particles are not only absorbed, but also are assimilated (bio-available) by host very effectively.
This product is water soluble, stable over wide pH range, bio-degradable, compatible with most agro-chemicals and a viable alternatives to chemical farm inputs.

This is nano technology at its best!

4.Application convenience:- Our plant nutrients can be applied through foliar spray, soil drenching , drip irrigation. Animal nutrients can be applied by mixing in water or along with animal feed.”


5.Less is more:- Organic acid is produced by aerobic fermentation process of glucose in presence of eco-friendly micro organism, under strictly defined physico-chemical conditions in our state of the art laboratory. Further, it is chelated with in organic minerals.
Inorganic minerals are converted to highly stable organic, bio-available minerals by the formation of bond (encapsulation) between multiple organic acids and mineral. 
Encapsulation process prevents the inactivation of minerals. After the application of the chelated nutrient (salt) to the host, the nutrient is released and the remaining organic acids are used by the host as a slow release source of nitrogen/proteins. This transport system has its advantages in its mode of action & bonding action. Due to encapsulation of mineral with organic acid, it reduces loss or inactivation of nutrients. This makes it more effectively absorbed by the host, resulting in overall growth of the host.

6.Technology for multiple applications:- Salts of organic acid find various applications in diverse areas like animal and human healthcare, agriculture, cosmetic ingredients and detergents.

Credential of technology:- Our Plant nutrients are authorized inputs for organic farming, attested by ECOCERT (according to European Council, NOP and NPOP regulations).

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