Arya Biotechnologies has been one of the eminent companies that contributes to the growth & development of agricultural / poultry other sectors. Started in the year 2004, our company has earned wide popularity & respect in the market with time. Our company has accomplished many milestones by supplying a superior quality range of Plant Growth Stimulant, Natural Plant Pest Repellent, Poultry Feed Supplement, Animal Feed Supplement, Soil Conditioner and other products.

About US
About Arya Biotechnologies
Today, a number of companies, universities, labs, R&D setups and even individuals are dedicated to enhancing the process and production in fields like agriculture, poultry and other related sectors. Amongst them is our company, Arya Biotechnologies, which has always been standing on the frontline of providing the most reliable and advanced solutions to such sectors through its qualitative range of products. By working as a manufacturer, retailer and exporter, we have been supporting & serving customers at domestic as well as international levels. Our offered assortment of products include Natural Plant Pest Repellent, Plant Growth Stimulant, Animal Feed Supplement, Poultry Feed Supplement, Soil Conditioner and many more items.  

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In business since 2004, we have had an exceptional journey of success so far. Over the years, we have built relations with renowned clients in the market, who vouch for & praise our qualitative products and services.


The sole purpose of our company is to enhance the quality of production, cultivation and processing in Agricultural, Poultry & other sectors.


Under the roof of our 3 highly facilitated manufacturing units and a generous warehouse, we have conveniently maintained a high production rate.


Today, our main focus is on solidifying the status & worth of our company in order to run the business for a long time.

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Mauli & Sahebrao PawarPlum farmers, Newasa, Maharashtra
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“ The increase in yield according our observations was around 40 % by weight. Also, the produce distributors who bought our harvest were observant enough to point out the increase in yield and quality as compared to the year before. Arya’s personnel visit us frequently and share knowledge about agricultural practices as we share with them ours. Now we’ve become friends with them!”
Raviraj BhingardeRahuri, Maharashtra
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“We have been using Arya Biotechnologies' products for over a year now and have got great yields with our Alfalfa and maize fodder crops. We've used SHRUNGI Bioboost and ENGIMINS AHAY for both the crops and achieved a yield of 4 metric tonnes which earlier was a dismal 1.5 metric tonnes per acre for Alfalfa. Additionally our Alfalfa was ready for early harvest, almost a month early, so we could get better price. Also, with the help of Arya Biotechnologies' Extension officer, we were able to convert our farm to organic and demand higher price in the market .”
Ashish DeoTechnology professional, Pune, Maharashtra
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“I hadn’t witnessed so much growth of our garden plants especially Hibiscus and Periwinkle, the kind I experienced when I used Arya’s BIOBOOST and AFRESHH. The blossom was earlier than I expected and the flowers seemed so fresh!”
Haasil GoraChief Liaison, Dhakshhin Agropolis Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, Telangana
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“ Arya Biotechnologies’ team visited us in April 2018 and we quickly struck a common chord due to their passion for organic farming and use of farm technologies. We were able to get some knowledgeble insights from them and hope to keep working with them.”