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Today our channel partners Holland Biotechnologies, Netherlands received Best product innovation award in Agriculture exhibition held in Morocco.


Started in 2005, we began manufacturing organic farm inputs, and further went on to get the products attested by ECOCERT. We added nutrient formulations for crops and livestock to our product range in 2014.


We introduced a customized bio-available nutrient-formulation range, which we refer to as ENGIMINS, aimed at satisfying plant and animal nutrient requirement for better productivity. We aim at solving farming community’s problems.


Currently, we have a range of more than 30 completely organic plant and animal nutrition products. To make it easy for farmers, we also provide package of practices which include the application schedule of the products based on the nutrient    requirement of each crop and the regional recommendations.


Our vision : To offer research validated Agricultural & Live stock bio-available organic inputs Sustainable & continuous improvement in crop productivity with higher input efficiency based on new and proprietary technologies.

Our mission : To offer solutions in plant and animal health based on biotechnology To offer organic inputs leading to high-yielding crops with better nutritive-value and enhanced storage life To offer research validated bio-available organic inputs for plants and animals Caring for Ecology, Serving Farming community, Worshiping humanity AND Continuous improvement by applied learning

Our Partners : ITAC Amsterdam through their brand Holland Bio Technologies for North and West Africa, Europe, Turkey and Central Asia

Certifications and compliances:

ECOCERT, NPOP, US-NOP and EC, ISO 9001: 2015 QMS

A section on ENGIMINS (Why ENGIMINS?) :

ENGIMINS, a range of nutritional products for crops and livestock has been developed by Arya Biotechnologies in 2016, and has been launched in 2017. These products are a result of 3 years of systematic research and findings based on enhancement in desirable plant characteristics. Necessary major and minor nutrients and their deficiencies are corrected by these products, along with other desirable characteristics like natural colour, shape, structure of fruits, increased nutritive value and longer shelf life in crops. Nutrient deficiencies are rampant in the soils of the world, for example 30% of soils in India are boron-deficient and about 50% soils India and China are zinc-deficient1. To correct deficiencies, EDTA & its derivatives are good chelating agents, but after each mineral release it has to recapture another mineral in its place. Also, EDTA and EDDHA chelated minerals are undesirable in organic farming. Amino acid is a natural chelating agent, but the main disadvantage is the limited quantity of minerals that can be bonded for chelate complex. Bio-fertilizers tend to lose potency at high temperatures and have a low shelf life. In a counter view, the ENGIMINS range supplies the necessary nutrients in a bio-available form so that they are properly absorbed by the crop or animal, avoiding the evident wastage of nutrients. This product range includes bio available nutrients such as phosphorous, potassium, calcium, sulphur, zinc, boron, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron and our proprietary formulations. All these products are based on salts of organic acid, which is an excellent chelating agent and facilitates proper absorption. The products are also supplemented with a protein source to maintain a balance of nitrogen.

The ENGIMINS advantage :

1.  NUTRA, a product from the ENGIMINS range has been tried for bio-efficacy on tomato locally in India, and showed more than 20% increase in the overall yield

2. Another product, AFRESHH was tested at NHRDF, Nasik successfully for its ability to enhance post-harvest life in onion, thus making it desirable for farmers to reduce post harvest losses.  

The benefits attributed to the ENGIMINS range for plants are :

• Enhancing sugar content in sugar-containing crops, providing structural stability.
• Improving the post-harvest life and imparting resistance to stress.
• Providing nutrition to crops in calcareous and alkaline soil, acting as a   starter for germination.
• Strengthening plant root and aiding in resistance against soil-borne       pathogens.
• Improving the nutritive value of fodder or forage crops The ENGIMINS  range thus is aimed at providing wholesome nutrition for plants.

References :

1. Scarcity of micronutrients in soil, feed, food, and mineral reserves: Urgency and policy options (2012) Report and advisory memorandum for the Dutch Minister of Agriculture and Foreign Trade.

2. Effect of NUTRA on the yield of tomato, a product by Arya Biotechnologies (2015) by Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, India.



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